Balika & Sven

Brad took a very stressful situation for us and made it calm and positive. We had a 5 day window in which we could purchase a house, we didn’t have a huge budget, but we started emailing Brad a few weeks in advance of our Seattle trip about what we were looking for. We had strange requests (we’d like a house near a good school and near the university, but we want it to FEEL like a small town, oh, and we only have a limited budget to spend on a 3 bedroom/ 2-3 bath home. And we’d like a huge yard). We met Brad at his office, he showed us a few potential homes, gauged our reaction (oh, and our two kids were with us) and then he piled us into his car for two days of home visiting/ shopping. They were long days but Brad was very patient and open. He’d openly discuss negative aspects of the houses with us and give us background information on the neighborhoods. We ended up having to purchase our home from afar, and Brad made that process easy and smooth. We had a happy ending for sure, and would recommend Brad to anyone and everyone. I feel so lucky that he was recommended to us because I don’t think there’s any other way that we could have found a house with our limited time frame…

Author: Brad Hinckley

My partner, Curtis, and I come to Seattle via San Francisco, Paris and New York City. We are now happily settled in Seattle and enjoy the city's many different neighborhoods and fabulous outdoor activities. We have two sons, ages 14 and 16, and we love living in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. My clients view me as their confidante, a trusted friend, someone who they are comfortable with in assisting them through what is always a major financial decision. I use my analytical and quantitative skills to assist in the decision making process. I provide information in concise and consistent ways. I help make a decision that is inherently emotional into one that is more rational, more grounded and, therefore, more successful. The real estate transaction process can seem confusing and complicated; I make it my job to manage and monitor this process, every step of the way. I believe that open and clear communication with my clients is golden. I give every one of my client's real estate transactions the same level of dedication and focus and view myself as their strategic partner in achieving success. If you are looking to begin the process of either buying real estate in Seattle or putting your property on the market, please call me at (206) 330-1388 to set up a consultation. I can also be reached by email at I look forward to hearing from you.