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We couldn’t be happier about Brad’s professional help as we recently went through an intense and successful house search experience under his guidance. Brad is very personable while keeping very high standards of professional behavior. From the first time Brad met with us, we easily connected and Brad provided more guidance, advice, and the logistical support than anyone could expect from a real estate agent. Brad was always readily available for touring the houses we wanted, despite doing this on weekends or evening hours. He provided with honest and detailed advices about house conditions as well as the competitiveness expected for each house that we considered putting an offer, and these two types of advice were pivotal for our search. The outcome was just what we expected: we had an offer accepted for a house that we really loved after spending just a couple of months house searching. This is quite remarkable given the very competitive house market for buyers in Seattle at the present moment. We highly recommend Brad for anyone who is interested in purchasing a house.

Author: Brad Hinckley

My partner, Curtis, and I come to Seattle via San Francisco, Paris and New York City. We are now happily settled in Seattle and enjoy the city's many different neighborhoods and fabulous outdoor activities. We have two sons, ages 14 and 16, and we love living in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. My clients view me as their confidante, a trusted friend, someone who they are comfortable with in assisting them through what is always a major financial decision. I use my analytical and quantitative skills to assist in the decision making process. I provide information in concise and consistent ways. I help make a decision that is inherently emotional into one that is more rational, more grounded and, therefore, more successful. The real estate transaction process can seem confusing and complicated; I make it my job to manage and monitor this process, every step of the way. I believe that open and clear communication with my clients is golden. I give every one of my client's real estate transactions the same level of dedication and focus and view myself as their strategic partner in achieving success. If you are looking to begin the process of either buying real estate in Seattle or putting your property on the market, please call me at (206) 330-1388 to set up a consultation. I can also be reached by email at I look forward to hearing from you.