Brad helped us sell our home on the east side of Capitol Hill and buy a new one on the west side- this time a condo. My husband and I agree that he met every one of our expectations. His market knowledge and intellect make him a stand-out. He knows Capitol Hill because he has lived and worked here for years. He is fluent in negotiation and has mastered the intricacies of contracts. And finally, you just have to know how calm, kind, and steady he is. I think his demeanor rubs off on those around him because throughout both our transactions there was never any drama or angst. Instead, we simply enjoyed steady, speedy progress towards our goals. Thanks, Brad!!

Susan & Calder M.

Sold/Bought in Capitol Hill

We had interviewed several real estate agents to sell our home, and choose Brad to represent us because of his superior knowledge and understanding of the Seattle market and his friendly and genuineness personality. His suggestions for marketing our home were “spot on”… Brad’s write up description, photography, brochure layout and online marketing were simply exceptional. We feel very fortunate in selling our home for more then we expected because of Brad’s skills and representation. You can not do better then choosing him to sell your home.

Erik & Elaine S.

Sold in Montlake

We moved to town from NYC and then bought a house last year with Brad as our broker. He was absolutely fantastic. First of all he found out about the house over a month before it even became available, which gave us a serious advantage since there is never anything on Capitol Hill. Secondly, the sellers loved him, so they kept him constantly apprised of their thinking and other offers. He gave us great advice on the price points so that we didn’t get into a big bidding war; he helped us understand the renovation process, and even nailed it with his assessment of how the renovation might impact the value of the house. As a result we took a chance on a fixer-upper that turned out to be a great deal. So now we love our house and our block but feel like if we ever wanted to sell we could get more than we invested. If we do we’ll most definitely go with Brad again!

Chris & Caren O.

Bought in Capitol Hill

Brad was just so lovely to work with. The first meeting we had with him he came fully prepared with checklists and handouts and made a plan with us so that going forward we would know what to expect. He kept in contact and would pass along info on homes that met our criteria. While working with Brad my partner and I often expressed to each other how bizarre it was that the process of buying a home was so easy and painless. We moved into our new place last week and are ecstatic about our new home and neighborhood. Please work with Brad Hinckley if you want a responsive, engaged, and knowledgeable agent.

Amber & Patricia

Bought in Fremont

Brad took a very stressful situation for us and made it calm and positive. We had a 5 day window in which we could purchase a house, we didn’t have a huge budget, but we started emailing Brad a few weeks in advance of our Seattle trip about what we were looking for. We had strange requests (we’d like a house near a good school and near the university, but we want it to FEEL like a small town, oh, and we only have a limited budget to spend on a 3 bedroom/ 2-3 bath home. And we’d like a huge yard). We met Brad at his office, he showed us a few potential homes, gauged our reaction (oh, and our two kids were with us) and then he piled us into his car for two days of home visiting/ shopping. They were long days but Brad was very patient and open. He’d openly discuss negative aspects of the houses with us and give us background information on the neighborhoods. We ended up having to purchase our home from afar, and Brad made that process easy and smooth. We had a happy ending for sure, and would recommend Brad to anyone and everyone. I feel so lucky that he was recommended to us because I don’t think there’s any other way that we could have found a house with our limited time frame…

Balika & Sven

Bought in Ravenna

We couldn’t be happier about Brad’s professional help as we recently went through an intense and successful house search experience under his guidance. Brad is very personable while keeping very high standards of professional behavior. From the first time Brad met with us, we easily connected and Brad provided more guidance, advice, and the logistical support than anyone could expect from a real estate agent. Brad was always readily available for touring the houses we wanted, despite doing this on weekends or evening hours. He provided with honest and detailed advices about house conditions as well as the competitiveness expected for each house that we considered putting an offer, and these two types of advice were pivotal for our search. The outcome was just what we expected: we had an offer accepted for a house that we really loved after spending just a couple of months house searching. This is quite remarkable given the very competitive house market for buyers in Seattle at the present moment. We highly recommend Brad for anyone who is interested in purchasing a house.

Bernardo & Daniela

Bought in Maple Leaf

We LOVE Brad! He helped us buy our first home while living overseas and under frustratingly competitive market conditions in Seattle. Brad is a wonderful listener and really absorbed what we wanted in a house and neighborhood. He was patient and persistent, visiting homes two, three, even four times as we weighed our options. He took the time to shoot videos and provide comments on the qualities – good and bad – of each home. He provided an objective, professional opinion of every house we considered, helping us to navigate our feelings and the “je ne sais quoi” of any given house. And as first time home buyers we really appreciated his experience both buying and selling homes and his help in developing a winning bid strategy. Beyond his professionalism and knowledge of the Seattle market, Brad is a just a nice human being and very pleasant to work with – always bringing a positive attitude (“don’t get discouraged…you’re doing all the right things”) as well as a very warm and calm disposition. We wholeheartedly recommend and would work with Brad again…but hopefully not for a very long time because we love our new house 🙂

Brooke & Maura

Bought in Phinney Ridge

After helping us sell and buy two different homes, Brad has been an invaluable resource and an outstanding partner throughout. Top on the list is his knowledge of and his guidance to navigate the Seattle market, which seems to be changing daily. Second would be his coaching on every part of the buying and selling process, which was completely new to us on the first property. And most of all, his ability to get maximum return from the investments we made on each of the houses. Brad is super professional, has incredible follow up, and is great at working with new or experienced buyers and sellers. He has the intangibles to ensure you get the most out of your sale, without any surprises along the way.

Troy & Moya

Sold in Montlake & Ballard | Bought in Capitol Hill

After a bit of research into real estate agents in the North Capitol Hill area I chose Brad to list my property. I met with him and found that he was really down to earth. He helped me from start to finish; my house required a bit of work in order to get it ready to be listed and Brad was instrumental in getting everything prepared quickly. He took charge of getting everything done- from landscaping, to staging, to making sure the house was clean, etc. He is a very hard working individual and reliable.

Brad also helped me in finding the right price point and in negotiating with the buyer. We sold the house within a few days of listing and I was quite pleased with our final sale price. As a busy physician I did not have a lot of time to really get the house prepared and I really needed someone who wasn’t afraid of rolling up his sleeves and helping me get the house to market and sold. Brad was a huge help and I highly recommend him.

Jorge C.

Sold in Capitol Hill

What a find! My brother-in-law, who has lived in Seattle, is a real estate broker and referred us to Brad. We’re new to Seattle and wanted someone to patiently guide us through the pros and cons of various central neighborhoods. Brad outdid himself, despite our exhaustive “no-stone-unturned” approach. We ended up with an amazing home in a great area. To cap it off, he helped us negotiate a better price than we could have hoped for, despite the hot market.

Brad’s expertise as a CPA with Stanford Economics and MBA degrees proved invaluable in evaluating properties and working a deal. He’s upbeat and fun but always professional. His warm relationship with colleagues across the city opened doors to last-minute showings when interesting properties came on the market while we were in town. We don’t plan to need a realtor again soon, but we’ll be recommending him to friends and colleagues without reservation.

Jay & Brent

Bought in Mount Baker

Brad is very knowledgeable about real estate and the Seattle market. He represented us in selling our Ravenna house and buying our Shoreline condo during the super hot 2015 market. In both transactions, he served us well, helping us sell high and buy low.
But it’s not all about money… Brad is an excellent communicator – direct, responsive, honest and easy to talk to. He is patient, kind and has high ethical standards.
Brad was a pleasure to work with and we’ve already recommended him to others. There are not enough superlatives to describe how we feel about him. Simply put, you would be very well served choosing him to represent you.

Cheri & Peter K.

Sold in Ravenna| Bought in Shoreline

I worked with Brad to sell my father’s seattle house after he passed away. The house had been unoccupied for over a year and was in abysmal condition (junk everywhere, yard overgrown, etc) and since I live out-of-state, I wasn’t able to hire contractors to clean and restore the house.
Brad stepped into a difficult situation and handled it flawlessly. He hired maintenance people to restore the house to a sparkling condition. He anticipated potential issues with selling an estate property and he designed a marketing strategy which generated over 8 offers in a single week, all above the asking price.
Brad was incredible. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Avikk G.

Sold in Sheridan Beach

Brad is a wonderful realtor! He takes the time to get a sense of the type of home that best suits a buyer’s needs and really tries to help find a good fit. He is friendly, approachable, and very level headed which is great in a crazy real estate market. He also is happy to take as much time as needed to find a great home. Overall, he is a wonderful person and I highly recommend working with him.

Jennifer & Srini

Bought in Capitol Hill

Brad is the valedictorian of Seattle real estate agents. I needed someone who truly knew what they were doing as I had a couple of very mediocre real estate experiences in years past when contemplating putting the house up for sale. He is a consummate professional and was proactive in the best possible way, never pushy but always smart and honest. Plus, he has a great eye for detail and aesthetics which really helped in my situation.

Todd G.

Sold in Green Lake| Bought in Mount Baker

Brad was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were selling our home while being out of town, Brad made the entire process easy and seamless. He is a top agent and a true professional. Our place went to market over the weekend and Brad took the time to do two full days of open houses to make sure the house had maximum exposure. We were so appreciative that Brad had a great strategy for accepting offers… We received top dollar for our home and an ideal buyer. Thank you Brad!

Matt & Jenna A.

Sold in Queen Anne

We worked with Brad for the purchase of a home in the Mt Baker neighborhood in the Seattle area. It was a near stress free experience despite the extreme seller’s market. He knows the ropes and could tell us what was realistic and what wasn’t and how to get things done. I get the impression that would be true of him no matter the type of market or whether you are a buyer or seller. Highly recommend.

Jennifer & Todd S.

Bought in Mount Baker